Brokerteam Netherlands is expanding!

We have made quite some structural changes to improve our services and have attracted two new colleagues to head up our Operations and Financial department.

We are pleased to announce that Nathalie Pashouwers has joined Brokerteam as COO per December. She will be your contact for all matters regarding support, quotes and projects. In her previous career, Nathalie has gathered extensive knowledge in IT and Telecom matters.

As far as Operations is concerned, we had already improved our support, porting and ticketing systems to guarantee speedy follow-up. Nathalie will secure these steps and is looking forward to improving our Operations with your help and input. You can reach her by mail at and by phone at +31 – (0)10 – 30 60 160.

Our Financial and Legal Department has also seen changes over the last months. We have implemented Exact Online, separated billing of call-minutes and monthly subscriptions to name just a few actions. We have welcomed Dirk van den Bosch as CFO per December.

Dirk brings extensive financial and legal knowledge to Brokerteam and will secure these changes and elevate our actions in this area. Please contact Dirk for all financial, administrative and legal questions. He is looking forward to hearing from you at or +31 – (0)10 – 30 60 160.

It is our aim to be a solid and profitable partner to you and your company. We are confident that Nathalie and Dirk joining our team will greatly support that goal.