Brokerteam’s Routing and Billing Engine updated to Version 6

Last two weeks we have implemented our newest software release, version 1.6.1 on our different SIP platforms. In doing so, we have probably installed some functionalities that you may have asked for yourself by sending in your feature requests. We’d like to highlight a few major additions in this newsflash.

Partner level
Up until now there were 3 levels: Brokerteam – You as wholesale partner – Clients. We have added an additional level named Partners. This will allow you to expand your business model. Please ask for further details via, since this great feature comes with certain requirements as well.

Invoicing Speed
We have completely reworked the generation of invoices. They are now generated in the background by C code, which runs a thousand times faster compared to the previous GUI generation. We wish you Happy Speedy billing.

Invoicing Convenience
Now invoices are generated into XLSX format with your custom template. You can create your own custom-looking invoice template with logos and so on and apply it to all invoices.
Invoices are generated only once and stored on our storage. This means you can retrieve them must faster at a later date or time, since they are already generated and stored for your convenience.

Rates Speed
Approximately 20% speed increase achieved in routing algorithm by implementing a more simplified retrieval logic.

Furthermore you will see some menu rearrangements, new reports, new visuals on calls, improved archiving calls performance, option to allow same email for various users, improved currency handling for Paypal, faster C-background rerating, new API methods and many other ‘small’ improvements and fixes for convenience and speed.

We hope you like working with our portal, we certainly do. And there is always room for improvement, so please keep sending us your feature requests, so we may incorporate them (upon approval) in our newest software update.

Our partners can keep up with current requests; please visit:

Please contact us if you have any questions or remarks after reading this post.