Mitel Interoperability completed with Brokerteam SIP Trunks

Brokerteam proudly announces the completion of interoperability testing with the Mitel MiVoice. Mitel MiVoice unified communications platforms offers a complete range of flexible communications platforms – from modular on-premise solutions to a single, cloud-ready software stream that supports a range of deployment models.

Products and services certified through the Mitel Interoperability Certification Program deliver reliability, compatibility and quality to end-users and significantly increase resale and distribution opportunities for Mitel Partners and Resellers.

Mitel’s MiVoice unified communications platforms were designed to address business’s communications needs improving employee productivity and business efficiency, so they can expect a tangible return on their communications investment. Mitel’s line of MiVoice unified communications platforms addresses both small business and large enterprise needs, providing extensive communication features, robust call control, and support for a wide range of innovative desktop devices and applications.

“We are pleased to inform Brokerteam that Mitel has successfully completed Mitel-Compatible Test (MCT) certification between the Brokerteam SIP Trunking solution and the Mitel MiVoice Business communications platform.” said Mitel’s spokesperson in the accompanying Certification statement. Brokerteam’s CTO Bas Kooijman in turn would like to express his appreciation and grattitude to partner Call-in-One’s technical team for their efforts in working with us to complete this important certification.

“Building and maintaining the right technology relationships is the foundation for success in the current IP Communications marketplace. Mitel has been a leader in the SIP PBX market since the beginning. Brokerteam’s business partners who offer Mitel solutions can now depend even more on the quality of a combined Mitel and Brokerteam SIP Trunking solution for the delivery of interoperability, reliability, and to ensure business continuity. We are excited to work with Mitel partners to take advantage of the many benefits our SIP Trunking can offer”, stated Paul van Winden, Sales Director of Brokerteam.

Note: Partners will find a complete instruction manual on how to implement Mitel trunking in Brokerteam’s Support Portal Wiki.